School Fire Alarms

Should the unthinkable happen and a fire break out at your school, can you rely on your school fire alarm system to give your staff and students ample time to evacuate?

The Importance Of Fire Alarms

The damage caused by school fires isn't restricted to the immediate physical aftermath.

Fire can cause a serious impact on the lives of staff, students, and parents alike. With issues such as lost work, possible relocation, and the potential for injuries, it's of upmost importance that every school takes the risk of fire very seriously.

In order to maintain vigilance and streamline the evacuation process, fire drills should be carried out at least once a term and during different times of the day. When organising fire safety drills, schools should also consider creating restricted areas, simulating the effect of compromised escape routes. It's also very important that training is given to members of staff who may need to act as a fire warden or operate a fire extinguisher.

Fire Alarm

School Fire Alarm Systems From Diamond Fire And Security (UK) Ltd.

Whilst the number of school fires has been in decline since 2001, it is nevertheless essential that schools take measures to reduce the likelihood of fires and implement safety measures in the unfortunate even of a fire. This includes the use of passive fire protection such as fire rated construction with fire rated walls and doors, but also includes the installation and testing of school fire alarm systems.

With over 30 years of experience Diamond Fire And Security (UK) Ltd. has both the skills and dedication to provide expert fire detection solutions to schools in Bedford, Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes, and London. Throughout our decades of experience, we have carried out fire alarm installations for local authorities, educational properties, and housing associations.

What Fire Alarm System Is Best Suited For School Environments?

Whilst an alarm system will may not prevent fires from occurring, they can alert you to the presence of fire in a very swift manner, and with regular fire drills; the school can be quickly evacuated. Some fire alarm systems can even provide alerts before smoke is event visible.

Remember, the quicker the alarm is raised, the quicker emergency responders can be alerted.

Our team utilise the latest fire alarm technology from SMS SenTri System, Ampac Firefinder Plus, Advance MxPro Panels, Kentec Systems, and EMS FireCell Systems; but which is best suited to your school's fire safety needs?

  • Conventional Fire Alarm Systems
    These alarm systems are also known as four-wire alarms. These conventional alarms provide a cost effective fire detection solution, alerting responders to a specific zone in the event of an alarm. However, whilst they are a cost effective solution, the disadvantage is that whilst responding to an alarm, the individual responding will need to manually find the specific device.

  • Analogue Addressable Systems
    This more sophisticated style of fire alarm provides each detector with its own unique address which makes it significantly easier to identify where the alarm is coming from. Unlike conventional systems, you won't be alerted to a zone; instead you'll know the exact detector that has been triggered. This makes it a great choice for larger schools or schools with complex areas and tricky to navigate hallways.

  • EMS Radio Fire Systems
    Sometimes installing a wired fire alarm system can be difficult or even prohibited. In these situations, the ideal fire detection system is a wireless system, such as an EMS Radio Fire System.

    Diamond Fire And Security (UK) Ltd. can provide a wide range of fire detection solutions, including solutions from EMS, the UK's number one developer and manufacturer of wireless and hybrid fire detection products. All of which are fully EN54-25 third party approved and carry the CE Mark confirming compliance with all applicable EU directives.

  • Air Sampling Systems
    In locations where fire alarms are tricky to install or when you require a very early warning of fire, the air sampling system provides an alternative. In the air sampling fire detection system, the sampler actively pulls air from the room into a detection chamber where it tests the air for the presence of smoke. This results in a detector which is able to identify smoke during the very early stages of combustion; potentially providing alerts to fire before smoke is even visible in the air.

Providing Fire Detection Solutions For Over 30 Years - Diamond Fire And Security (UK) Ltd.

No matter the shape of size of your school, Diamond Fire And Security (UK) Ltd. has the solution to meet your unique requirements. With over three decades of experience operating within the industry, our experts can install a range of systems including both conventional and sophisticated systems, providing your school with high quality fire detection and peace of mind.

Remember, all of our alarm installations are guaranteed parts and labour for Two Years. So if you're interested in an installation service, please don't hesitate to speak to a member of staff. You can get in touch with us by calling 01234 825018. However, if you would prefer to contact our team via email, please send any questions you have to us at


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