Fire Safety For Schools

Whilst the number of school fires has been in decline since 2001, it's still essential that your school is equipped with up-to-date fire safety equipment. After all, whilst the risk may be small, the affects resulting from fire can be devastating.

Make sure your school's fire equipment is up to date with a School Fire Alarm London service from Diamond Fire And Security (UK) Ltd.

5 Fire Safety Tips For Schools

1. Practice Fire Evacuations
Ideally fire drills should be carried out at least once a term and during different times of the day. Additionally, in order to assist with speedy evacuation in the event of a fire schools should also consider creating restricted areas, simulating the effect of compromised escape routes.

2. Ensure Fire Wardens Are Properly Trained
It isn't sufficient to simply 'nominate' individuals to use fire extinguishers; you need to make sure that they have the specific training required to operate them.

3. Install Passive Fire Protection Measures
Passive fire precautions are precautionary measures that involve delaying fire and smoke, and also assist the structure to protect from early collapse. To a certain extent passive fire protection exists in every building through walls and doors, as they will delay the spread of harmful products produced in combustion, such as smoke. However fire rated walls and doors, (usually categorised as 30, 60, or 90 minutes) will provide a higher degree of protection than normal walls and doors. However, in order to provide this protection, it is essential that fire doors remain closed; filling the hole in the barrier.

4. Use Active Fire Precautions
Whilst passive systems are very useful fire protection systems, you still need active fire precautions to both detect and suppress fire. For example, you could install an early warning system such as a smoke detector with water mist systems to provide automatic fire suppression.

5. Install A Fire Alarm
Whilst an alarm won't prevent fires from occurring, they can quickly alert you to any dangers; some fire alarms can provide alerts before smoke is even visible. There are lots of different fire alarms to choose from, including cost effective conventional alarms which responders to a specific zone in the event of an alarm, Analogue Addressable Systems which makes it significantly easier to identify where the alarm is coming from, EMS Radio fire systems to provide a wireless fire detection system, and air sampling systems which test the air for smoke, resulting in a powerful detector that can provide alerts to fire before smoke is even visible in the air.

Make Sure Your School Is Equipped With A High Quality Fire Detection Solution, Call Diamond Fire And Security (UK) Ltd

Should the unthinkable happen and a fire break out at your school, can you rely on your school fire alarm system to give your staff and students ample time to evacuate? The damage caused by school fires isn't restricted to the immediate physical aftermath; it can seriously impact the lives of staff, students, and parents alike.

With over 30 years of experience providing installations for local authorities, educational properties, and housing associations, Diamond Fire And Security (UK) Ltd. has both the skills and dedication to provide expert fire detection solutions to schools in Bedford, Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes, and London. Our experts can install a range of systems including both conventional and sophisticated systems, providing your school with high quality fire detection and peace of mind. Additionally, all of ouralarm installations are guaranteed parts and labour for Two Years and our EMS Radio fire systems are fully EN54-25 third party approved and carry the CE Mark confirming compliance with all applicable EU directives.

If you would like more information regarding our services for installation services for school fire alarms in London please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of staff. You can speak to our team by calling 01234 825018, or you can contact us by email by sending any questions you have to us at


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